Bedrijf Lely
Geplaatst op 02/12/2022
Standplaats Maassluis
Werklocatie Schipluiden
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Aantal uren per week 5 uur
Dienstverband Stage
Carriereniveau Geen ervaring
Opleidingsniveau WO, HBO, PhD


Data & Software Case

Wat ga je doen?

Did you know that we have more than 30.000 Lely solutions of which 95% is available in real-time?! Now that is what we call Data! Artificial Intelligence, neural data, IoT, Kubernetes, Python&Spark... you name it,  we’re working with it! Our solutions are working together to make a real impact!  

Do you want to experience this yourself? Take a look at the innovative world of Lely? This is your chance! On February 24 we organize a cool case. To experience the real world of Lely, the case will take place at our demo farm in Schipluiden. Here you can see all of the Lely robots in live action, we will tell you more about Lely as an organization and you will work yourself with Data & Software. Also, several Engineers will be present at this event to tell you all about their jobs at Lely. And... of course, we will provide a firm lunch 😉.  

The case is split into two different subjects: Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

Data Engineering                                                                 
Lely’s robots monitor and collect data about critical systems on the farm. From milk quality and cow health-related metrics for farmers, to diagnostics about the robot’s functioning for our engineers. These metrics are often sent to the cloud in real-time, after which they are processed and visualized for different Lely applications. In this hackathon, teams will get to know the challenges of building such a real-time data processing and monitoring system based on the Azure cloud data. From data ingestion to processing, storage and visualization, teams get a chance to get an insight into Lely’s streaming architecture! 

Data Analytics                                                                   
Farmers need to make lots of decisions about how to manage their farms on a daily basis. Questions like “which cows should get special treatment to give better quality milk?”, “which cows are likely to get sick?” and “is my young stock growing as expected?” play a big role in the success of the farm. Lely offers answers to these questions using the data collected by its robots. As an analyst, you get the chance to answer critical business questions. From visualizations about milk yield to advice on how to improve their farm management, you provide insights to the farmers! During this hackathon teams will work with live data to try to analyze, extract and visualize valuable information using tools designed to handle data at a massive scale. 

We only have 20 spots available (10 for the Engineering Case and 10 for the Analysis Case). Interested students can sign up via our website. Based on the registrations we will select the students that we would like to welcome out the farm. 

Wat breng je mee?

For the Engineering Case:

  • You have experience with Python
  • You have knowledge of Software Engineering concepts 
  • Bonus points if you have experience with Database System 

For the Analytics Case:

  • You are Business-driven
  • You are analytic
  • Bonus points if you have experience with SQL 

Wat bieden we jou?

Make sure you have subscribed before January 22. At latest January 31 we have reviewed all the applications and the students that are being a part of the case will be contacted!

Be a part of this awsome case! Upload your cv and motivation letter.